Signature Shot from the 2012 Competition
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The Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival is now accepting entries for its annual search for "THE" Signature Shot of the 2013 festival. The winner takes home $1,000 and great visibility! 
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The Backcountry Skiing Canada Expose Yourself Photo & Video Comp ends Feb 28th. You can win a week of ski touring at Carlyle Lodge and Kokanee Glacier Hut - heli in and out included. As well as great Gear from G3 and Westcomb. How about G3 skis, skins and Tech bindings? Or from Westcomb a new shell jacket and pants! Enter before the end of day Feb 28th and we will draw the winners the following week.
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In 2010/11 Island Lake Catskiing, Mica Heliskiing and Sherpas Cinema partnered on a short film called The Balance of Powder.  This was produced at the same time as the Sherpas award winning full length feature - ALL.I.CAN.  The Balance of Powder has gone viral and surpassed 500,000 views on youtube!!  This milestone is augmented by broadcast syndication across North Amercia and about 75,000 DVD produced and given away.  
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Michael Burmeister, Erica Madison and Ryan Bougie are on a journey on skis and pack rafts from Vancouver, BC to Skagway, Alaska, starting in February 2013. They are looking for open source scientific projects including animal observation, snow and avalanche observations, geo tagging or anything else you might suggest for them. They are equipped with iphones and a 2 way satellite messenger.They plan to complete the journey sometime in July. You can read their blog posts here: 
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A few years back my brother and I found out that a lot of big companies out there had no idea that they actually owned and were responsible for billboards after their highway time was up. Things progressed and we ended up finding ways to get our hands on billboard vinyl- a super durable, waterproof, and insanely cool looking material. It started with us making wallets, ski bags, surf bags, and ski packs just for ourselves until most of our friends wanted in and here we were making a bunch of...
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Wow, what a storm.  Island Lake Catskiing has recieved over 130 cms in the last 4 days and it is still puking. The current storm shows no sign of abetting.   Cold, low-density, over the head blower pow!!  When our jaded, powder junkie guides say things like "all-time", "unbelievable" and "insane" you know things are serious.
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Welcome to my search for snow.
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Scot Schmidt is considered by most to be the original freeskier.  He was the first pro to make a living at big mountain skiing. In addition, he was a shareholder at Island Lake Catskiing along with Craig Kelly, Mark Gallup, Jason Ford and Jake Blattner.  It was at Island Lake that Craig and Scot tried to bring ski and snowboard culture together in the movies Siberia and P-tex, Lies and Duct Tape.  Scot has catskied at Island Lake more then anyone except a few of the long-term...
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Check out this webisode from Island Lake Catskiing.  There will be a full length documentary coming out next year. Island Lake Catskiing