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In celebration of the 25th annversary of catskiing at Island Lake, Oolichan Books and Island Lake Catskiing announce an illustrated history book.
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Hey Big Lines Community,   I am looking for some suggestions for Snow shoeing and snowboarding in Spray Lake Region and near/around Calgary. (Pillow lines, glades, modest chutes, booter spots, etc) Any info would be appreciated, also towards:   Tent Ridge Chester Lake Cheers   Colin    
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Island Lake Catskiing and Mica Heliskiing partnered with Sherpas Cinema to create a 1/2 TV show called The Balance of Powder.  We are proud to report that the show has hit 100,000 views on youtube.  TV synication through North Amerca has meant millions of poeple watching it, but it's great to see it spread online as well.  Watch some of the biggest names in skiing blast through pow and slay some biglines!   You can watch the cat and heliski video here if you have not...
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Island Lake Lodge - Trail Conditions - July 13, 2012  General Information:  Trail checks and cleaning is still in progress and snow can still be expected on the Spineback trail.  There have been numerous wildlife sightings including moose, black bear and grizzly bear. It is imperative to leave enough space in between so the animal does not feel threatened.  Rail Trail - Trail is closed until further notice. There have been sightings of an aggressive Grizzly bear near...
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With the deluge of precip we've had here in the Kootenays over the past week and the cooler temps yesterday we figured the magic combo was about to reveal itself. Sure enough our 6:30am start paid off. 40cm of fresh POW, with blue-bird skies – the ultimate combo any day of the year, especially the first week of June! The sun was invigorating and the skiing exhilarating. Luckily we planned an early start as the north facing slopes started to cook around 8:00am so we headed for the more westerly...
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If you have need to how to be a model, you may have experienced the great difficulty that comes with trying to live out that dream.
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It is sad, but the 2011/12 catski season has ended.  It turned out to be one of the best years in the last decade.  Hard to beat the 10/11 season, which was the best in 12 years, but we sure came close.  We ended up with a 5 metre compressed base at treeline and about 13 metres of accumulated snowfall on the Lizard Range!!  Yes - that is about 43 feet of snowfall.  We had various memorable storms, including February 26th when we had 1 metre or over 3 feet of snow in 24...
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Conditions Report: We have had 50 cms in 24 hours - March 20.  Nice dry blower pow.  That makes 145 cms for the week.  Island Lake Catskiing is sponsored by Ullar!  We have some space between March 27 and April 2nd.  This epic season just won't stop! You should probably give us a call.  1-888-422-8754 catski
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This is a quick reminder that Fat-ypus Skis Canada will be at Fernie Alpine Resort outside of the Grizz in with Top Shelf doing FREE Demos on Sunday March 17th.  Come on out and test all of the latest Fat-ypus Skis: A-Lotta, I-Rock, D-Sender, L-Toro, E-Motion and V-Rock.  Skis will be available for sale too! 
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What a crazy week of catskiing we have had.  150 cms in 7 days and 100 in 24 hours last Saturday.  All super dry, Champagne Powder.  The phrase 'almost too deep" was heard a few times...  This season is certainly stacking up to be another stellar snow year.  Ullar the snowgod has been looking upon us favorably.  We are booked solid until mid-March, but have a few openings March 14-18, March 20-22 and the last week of March.  It's probaly time you came...