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Victor DE LE RUE is an amazing rider who raised his riding skills to another level last season. Riding steep icy lines, massive kickers in the BC or simply playing with natural terrain in Alaska, Victor can do it all.
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Cody Townsend has the Lion's Share of footage from Days Of My Youth including, but not limited to, the sickest chute of all time. So his athlete remix from Powder TV is one of the best ones yet. Enjoy.
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Wasted Youth? No way. These Revy kids are making it count. And it sure is fun to watch... Brought to you in part by:Drink WhiskeySociety Snow And Skate Featuring The Comradery Of:
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Speedriding is a high-speed, high stakes mountain sport that fuses elements of skiing and parachute flight. This hybrid approach to the alpine gives its intrepid practitioners access to terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible. In The Unrideables: Alaska Range, one of the world's foremost experts on human flight, Jon DeVore, sets out with a team of elite aerial athletes to evolve the sport...
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While filming for 'The Malibu Fable', I captured this with my GoPro. And here's the original Malibu Fable here:
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These Surf the Earth webisodes feature some of the most creative backcountry snowboarding that you'll ever see. And it's got everything to do with the man behind the earthsurfing: Curtis Woodman. Nobody rides like him. Nobody. You may think he looks a little squirrelly at first, but his mid pillow-line Miller Flip at the end of the video is one of the coolest things we've seen in a long time....
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This video of Will Nelson and Tim Taylor yahooing their way around Whistler came from the TGR Community and it's a highly entertaining affair. The boys are going BIG. But as is the reality in this life of ours, it doesn't always work out. Great times nonetheless. Check it!
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Matt Wainhouse is a high calibre boardist from the PNW. He runs with a crew of like-minded individuals and they've all got a knack for documenting one another's exploits, even if it's only on the fly with their iphones. This is Matt's submission to The Snowboard NW Film Fest and it gives an amazing sense of what it would be like to roll around Stevens Pass and the rest of...
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I ask you this: who wouldn't wanna go down to South America with Michelle Parker?
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It's not easy to be funny on video, but these guys actually pull it off. This is an ad from MEC and even though it's not perfect, you'll definitely get a laugh or two out of it.
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"With the intention of finding new terrain to ski, Chris heads north of the Arctic Circle to the archipelago of Svalbard with Ingrid Backstrom, James Heim, Michelle Parker and long time friend and photographer Christian Pondella. The fjords of Svalbard are best accessed by boat, however shortly after departing from port in the 67' foot Arctica II, the crew is hit with a massive storm swell."
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You may recognize Elias from such videos as the filthy Gopro edits that have been circulating the interwebs of late. He's smooth, he's stylish and he loves riding pow. And as far as freestyle moves in the backcountry go, there are only a few people out there who can do it as seamlessly as this guy. 
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This is the latest ABS success story that has been uploaded to the internet by ABS Avalanche Airbags. They did the same thing around this time last year with a video of freeskier Aymar Navarro deploying his ABS while freeskiing in the Spanish Pyreneese Mountains.  The video from Spain took some fire for painting the ABS bag as an easy way out of massive avalanches. This latest clip of...
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Wow. This movie takes a second or two to get going. But by the time you finish watching it, you're gonna want to book a trip down to New Zealand's Southern Alps. Will Jackways is an understated freerider that calls Wanaka home. This short video does an amazing job of showcasing both his approach to the mountain and his approach to life. And it really drives home the connection to between...
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Freeskiing innovator Mike Douglas has parlayed an illustrious career as an athlete into a second-coming as a writer, filmmaker and emcee, giving a voice to the unsung stories of mountain adventures and adventurers.
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Claudia Avon is an explosive little nugget of a snowboarder who shows very little fear in the face of gnarly situations. She's decided to focus on big mountain riding in the last few years and her exploits have earned her a spot on the Jones snowboard easy feat. This is a teaser for her full part, which is meant to drop a little later this week. Get amongst it!
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This young Italian buck skis smooth like butter and throws technical freestyle moves in the most unlikely places. His MSP Monday remix from Days of my Youth is one of best ones yet. Check it!
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A few of you may have seen this zone before and thought "Hey, wouldn't it be rad if we shredded that some day?" But you kinda know it's never gonna happen unless the conditions are absolutely perfect. Well, here's what Neil Provo had to say about the process behind tackling this beastly pillow stack:
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With Sean Pettit devoting his filming time to The Recruitment in the last couple years, Richard Permin's the guy filling those backcountry freestyle shoes for MSP. Not an easy task, but the Frenchman's absolutely crushing it out there. And he busts out some of the smoothest nose butters we've ever seen doen on skis. Powder TV's athlete remixes from Days of my Youth are definitely worth...
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"When Leo Ahrens and Zach Halverson traveled to Europe, it was their first time in the Alps and they were not quite sure what to expect. Upon arrival they were greeted with an unsettled weather pattern that alternated between sunny days and heavy snow, the perfect ingredients for a week full of Great Days.
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"Midway through a dry season, with scraggly trees, icy slopes, and hardly any base, Mount Baker suddenly finds itself consumed by the chaos of the year' biggest storm-- unleashing several feet of snow every night for ten straight days. Plows work around the clock to keep order, but still the ditches fill with battered cars fallen victim to the heavy drifts.
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Every new ski season starts with the optimism that this will be the best season ever.
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GNAR is a non-profit freestyle ski club dedicated to training big mountain skills and preparing athletes to compete in big mountain competitions. Our athletes are a group of passionate young skiers (typically 12-18) who want to advance their big mountain skiing abilities.
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The bike I’m riding is sliding sideways on an ice-glazed road in backwoods Washington. I get a glimpse of Mount Rainier in the distance but it looks impossibly far away, especially after I hit the asphalt and get pinned under my ride. This is no isolated incident…moments earlier, my buddy just “Brian Boitano’ed” his bike into a 345 degree spin across the ice before putting it down in the ditch....
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