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Hey, feel free to look around but this site is old. For more info about the new site visit
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Freeskiing innovator Mike Douglas has parlayed an illustrious career as an athlete into a second-coming as a writer, filmmaker and emcee, giving a voice to the unsung stories of mountain adventures and adventurers.
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The full 12 minute project is dropping on October 19th. In the meantime, the Sweetgrass crew has decided to give us all a taste of what's to come. Prepare yourselves for awesomeness.
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In their latest installment of Sculpted in Time, The Sherpas take us through the ski and snowboard history of The Lake Louise Ski Area. Guys like Andrew Sheppard, Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Rubens, Greg Todds and Jonaven Moore were carved out by the dramatic terrain that The Lake has to offer. And now those same characteristics are being passed on to guys like Noah Maisonet, Keegan Cappel and the...
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"‘The Wise Man’ is the emotive story of Eddie Hunter’s personal connection with Banff National Park and Mt. Norquay, a mountain he has called home his entire life. Born in 1926, the same year Mt. Norquay was established, Eddie has been skiing Banff’s first ski resort for over 80 years. Eddie escorts the viewer through Norquay’s past and present, sharing the impact the mountains have had in his...
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The Sherpas themselves are carved from the dramatic peaks of the Rocky Mountains, so it's no surprise that this project looks to be absolutely dripping with beauty and soul. They connected with a few of the area's new up-and-comers as well as well as revisiting some of the old haunts with Chris Rubens and Eric Hjorleifson, guys who grew up in the shadows of such incredible mountains.
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Freeskiing couple Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson and Jen Ashton have personal styles as unique asWhistler is to Blackcomb. Individually, they’re shaped by resolute characteristics and anextraordinary history. Together, they operate as one, united by a mutual hub that embracesthe values of Whistler culture, lifestyle and heritage.Watch the rest of the series –
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"True to the movement" since 1994, the Poor Boyz cameras have captured everything from the first twin tips in the park to remote mountain descents. Get a taste of this unique retrospective woven through the unforgettable 2014 season in this years trailer.Pre order your copy today at: by: The Rural Alberta Advantage
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Oh jeez. Big Wave Skiing is officially the lamest and most awesome thing ever, all in the same go. After the Godfather and Cody Townsend took a slightly awkward stab to the whole affair a few years ago, Chuck Patterson did it a a bit more justice in 2013. Patterson's both a seasoned big mountain skier and big wave surfer, so there was something about his style that rang more true to me.
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“When we add someone new to the team, it’s interesting to test it out and see how it works. Some people really excel and make the whole dynamic better, and Tanner did just that.” Sage had kind words for Tanner during the filmed of Re:Session, when Hall, already a legend, was getting more and more comfortable in the Alaska’s oversized terrain, and was becoming a solid addition to the TGR crew.
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These guys are digging deep to tell an amazing story. In their words, Snowman is "a feature-length documentary film about avalanche controller, Kevin Fogolin's, terrifying helicopter crash and how it changed his life.
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Scot Schmidt is a legend in Freeskiing.He is the original pro freeskier and became a household name in skiing after the release of the 1987 ski film, 'Blizzard of Ahhhs'. Mike Douglas pays him a visit to see what he's been up to.
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"SKI Sports highlights from the Swatch Freeride World Tour Xtreme Verbier 2014 by The North Face snowboarding competitions at Verbier on the Bec des Rosses."
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Excuse me while I pick my jaw back up off the floor. This is Fabian Lentsch sailing his way to victory at a four star FQS event in Obergurgl, and it might just be the most impressive thing you've ever seen a guy do on a pair of skis.
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Greg Hill's, the mad man on touring skis, is almost 3/4s of the way to reaching his goal to climb and ski 100,000 metres in the month of March. The fact that he's had any time to blog, do interviews or anything else is a testament to his resolve. Check in to for more updates and to see how far along he is on his mission. Go Greg!
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This wicked little slice of ski history accompanied an awesome article on Aspen, Colorado's ski scene in the early 70's . This footage is the real deal, with some of our community's original ski bums bucking the system, shredding pow and pioneering the lifestyle that so many of us enjoy today. So here's a chance to bone up on your history folks, maybe learn a new move or two for the next...
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Fat-ypus skis blowout!
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Dear Fat-ypus Skis Customer or Prospect:
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Très Bonne Équipe! is the story of freeskiings unique duo - Kaj Zackrisson and Sverre Liliequist. Skiing brought them together, creating a friendship that has lasted for over 20 years. It has carried them from their roots as alpine racers into the world of freeskiing superstardom.
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Here's an inside look at what it took for Sherpas Cinema and and the Whistler Blackcomb ski and snowboard community to come together and create one of the most complicated ski segments of all time.    
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Between 1996 and 2004 Wendy Fisher was the most dominant female Big Mountain Freeskier in the world - then she had kids.Nearly a decade later, we revisit Wendy to see if she's still got 'it'. Music: 'April Sunlight'by SizzlebirdCourtesy of Ot Bird 'By the Water'by Niklas Aman 'Sun is Up'by Niklas Aman 'The Prophet Sits in the Sun'by Daniel J SchmidtSOCAN 'Comet' (feat. BeuKes)by Hey Champ
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The History of the Swatch Freeride World Tour by The North Face and some great mythical moments of the Verbier Xtreme explained by Berti Denervaud (FWT Head Judge) and by riders: Cyril Neri, Xavier De Le Rue and Géraldine Fasnacht.
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Freeski icon Mike Douglas takes a ride on Whistler Mountain's new Harmony 6 Express, and takes us for a ride back through time to recount the history of the Harmony Zone and the legends that came before him.Watch more Wonder Reels Season 2 episodes:1. Season Teaser -
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All media obligations aside, I was PUMPED to go for my first rip up Blackcomb’s new Crystal Chair. It was kinda like a whole section of my home just got renovated and I was trying it out for the first time. On our maiden voyage, after being serenaded by a duo of cold-handed minstrels in the line-up, my friend Charles and i cracked a couple cold ones to properly christen the new vessel. Make sure...
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Yes! We're so pumped that we came across this classic clip of Eric Pehota, Doug Coombs and Dean Cummings duking it out for dollars on Blackcomb's False Face back in 1991. No Helmets, No Bullshit and all style. It's so rad to see such a host of legends tackling such an iconic piece of our backyard terrain.
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