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pineapple express just gotta roll with it...
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Cody Townsend has the Lion's Share of footage from Days Of My Youth including, but not limited to, the sickest chute of all time. So his athlete remix from Powder TV is one of the best ones yet. Enjoy.
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As an avalanche controller, Kevin Fogolin gets to work and ski in some of the most spectacular mountains on earth.
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While filming for 'The Malibu Fable', I captured this with my GoPro. And here's the original Malibu Fable here:
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This video of Will Nelson and Tim Taylor yahooing their way around Whistler came from the TGR Community and it's a highly entertaining affair. The boys are going BIG. But as is the reality in this life of ours, it doesn't always work out. Great times nonetheless. Check it!
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When we got all that rain last week in Whistler, I thought we were done for eh. It was a full monsoon pretty high up and my brother Dwayne and I thought we were gonna have to move back to Calgary for the season. It just totally dumped there eh.
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"Recreational users urged to exercise caution and restraint this coming weekend...Avalanche Canada is issuing a special public avalanche warning for the mountains of BC’s interior, including the North Rockies, Cariboos, North Columbia, South Columbia, Purcells, Kootenay Boundary, South Rockies, and Lizard Range and Flathead.
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Splitboard-accessed, binding-free snow surfing in the Interior BC backcountry.
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A few of you may have seen this zone before and thought "Hey, wouldn't it be rad if we shredded that some day?" But you kinda know it's never gonna happen unless the conditions are absolutely perfect. Well, here's what Neil Provo had to say about the process behind tackling this beastly pillow stack:
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Whistler Mountain started spinning their lifts for the 2014-15 season on Saturday and it was a real hoot out there. Sure, the snowpack’s a little thin below treeline. But the alpine’s actually holding about a metre of surprisingly supportive snow. And the mountain picked up a casual 10-25 cms over the weekend, so the skiing above 1800 metres was both supportive and fresh....
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With Sean Pettit devoting his filming time to The Recruitment in the last couple years, Richard Permin's the guy filling those backcountry freestyle shoes for MSP. Not an easy task, but the Frenchman's absolutely crushing it out there. And he busts out some of the smoothest nose butters we've ever seen doen on skis. Powder TV's athlete remixes from Days of my Youth are definitely worth...
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Skinned up the last 4km to Idaho Peak Nov 16th, put in a few decent laps. Pic by Dan Bremer,
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Whistler Blackcomb is opening ahead of schedule on Saturday, November 22. The decision to kick off the winter season early was made possible after natural snowfall at higher elevations was followed by a streak of below average temperatures, providing prime conditions for snowmaking. Whistler Mountain will open with five lifts running.
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Every new ski season starts with the optimism that this will be the best season ever.
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"Stan Rey is a true case study in skiing fortitude, bred by both nature and nurture. When innate predispositions are shaped in the forge of environment, family, and training, a truly capable (yet humble) athlete is the inevitable outcome.
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"Inspired by one small, pixelated photo of an unknown peak in Greenland, Lucas Debari made it his mission to plan the perfect expedition to this unidentified glacier.
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Support the Revelstoke Cycling Association and get a great deal on an incredible day of Heli Skiing/Snowboarding with our generous supporter, Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing!This 1 Day Heli package is valid for the 2014-2015 seasonThere are no date restrictions This day is valued at $1068 but the bidding began at only $500! Click here to check out the auction on the sidebar of the RCA's webpage
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Some shaky I pad footage of lobsters and powder skiing
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Do you ever have those dreams where you’re shredding the peaks of epic coastal mountains on a bluebird day with your buds, avy dogs are playing in the snow and new gondola cabins are glistening in the sun? IT’S NOT A DREAM! Well, the dream came alive for Stan Rey and Mercedes Nicoll yesterday, November 10, with a little help from our friends at Blackcomb Aviation. 
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Recent snowstorms and the promise of good weather inspired Aaron Bernasconi from Mountain MotorSports and I to venture out to Quartz Creek on November 10th, 2014.
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Heelside slasher on the G3 Blacksheep....
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Wow. It's hard to believe that they're calling these Heimer's "outtakes". Either way, this footage is from his time filming with MSP for Days of my Youth and he's shredding the absolute piss out of everything in sight. Check out this episode of MSP Mondays on Powder TV and see what we mean.
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After a long, hot, dry, glacier-slaughtering summer, a mid october recovery was very very welcome!   Oct/Nov turns in the great Northwest region of BC.
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