Mt. Baker


Authored by Biglines on Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 11:12

"Midway through a dry season, with scraggly trees, icy slopes, and hardly any base, Mount Baker suddenly finds itself consumed by the chaos of the year' biggest storm-- unleashing several feet of snow every night for ten straight days. Plows work around the clock to keep order, but still the ditches fill with battered cars fallen victim to the heavy drifts.
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"You ever wish you didn't have to wait for anyone when shredding pow, well welcome to Mt. Baker. The land of getting some while needing no friends from 9 AM to 10 AM the golden hour of shred. In 1 hour at Mt. Baker on an average day you can rally 6 lines and produce a Go Pro edit that will take a whole year to get anywhere else. Just ask the entire snowboard industry they do it every winter.
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"Cruising the groomers is one of the first things a snowboarder does, but also one of the hardest to really master. Lots of people can ride fast, but it's not until you see a guy like Terje Haakonsen effortlessly blast a huge method off of a nonexistent bump, or Ben Ferguson lay down an armpit dragging carve that you realize just what's possible on a regular old groomer. Riding fast, getting...
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Jones Snowboards recently shared this full length feature that's absolutely dripping with soul. Search For  A Cool Place captures what it's like to ride with your buddies, push your own limits and travel from one place to the next. Our time in the mountains affects us all in incredible ways and this movie takes the time to reflect on what it all means, man. Enjoy...  
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This one's from the PNW's Rene Crenshaw. Doesn't look as light and fluffy as the ones from The Purcells, but it still looks pretty damn good....
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Authored by Otherdata on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 11:36

Here is some great backcountry snowboarding with Dan Brisse and friends at Mt Baker.  This is from the web series "Nuts and Bolts".  Only about 5 mins, but good footage.  These guys really know how to get sled access to the good stuff! 
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Very few people get to hop on a heli once a year in Haines Alaska and ride the worlds most magical mountains. You either have to be extremely dedicated, rich or one of the best snow sliders in the world. Blair Habenicht is not rich. Blair's antics emulate his belated cousin, Northwest shred legend Scott Stamnes. Live life to the fullest, enjoy everyday, every minute, every second. When it's good...
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Even if you just watch the first five minutes, take a second to hear what Craig Kelly had to say about the way he lived his life. Today's the ten year anniversary of him passing away in an avalanche just outside of Revelstoke. Another one gone too soon, The King of Style's impact on snowboarding will be felt forever.
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Mt. Baker opening day video 2011. A POV edit by TJ Schneider and friends. It was deep and the forecast is insane for this week! Yee Ha!
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