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As an avalanche controller, Kevin Fogolin gets to work and ski in some of the most spectacular mountains on earth.
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Freeskiing innovator Mike Douglas has parlayed an illustrious career as an athlete into a second-coming as a writer, filmmaker and emcee, giving a voice to the unsung stories of mountain adventures and adventurers.
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"Whistler Blackcomb presents GoPro Any Day Lines. Keep up with pro snowboarder Braden Dean as he seeks out every air and trick option down the 7th Heaven zone and into the everglades.Shot 100% with a GoPro HERO 3+ on Whistler Blackcomb’s in-bounds terrain. 7th Heaven is one of the most popular areas to ski on Whistler Blackcomb taking you over 2,200m/7,500ft and features a variety of terrain...
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Whistler Blackcomb presents GoPro Any Day Lines. Hop on board with pro skier Stan Rey as he sends it in Spanky’s Ladder on multiple lines with big cliffs and sloughing pow.Shot 100% with a GoPro HERO 3+ on Whistler Blackcomb’s in-bounds terrain. Spanky’s Ladder is one of the biggest alpine zones on Blackcomb Mountain accessed from the Glacier Express chairlift.See more pro athlete GoPro videos...
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As the youngest land mass on earth, Iceland is an ever-evolving paradise for skiers. Littered with volcanoes, the ski lines here plunge straight to the ocean's edge. Andreas Fransson, Chris Rubens, and Mark Abma visit Arctic Heli Sking on the Troll Peninsula. Music:'Colours'byAlan PoettckerAn original song for Salomon Freeski TV www.salomonfreeski.comwww.arcticheliskiing.com
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Freeskiing couple Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson and Jen Ashton have personal styles as unique asWhistler is to Blackcomb. Individually, they’re shaped by resolute characteristics and anextraordinary history. Together, they operate as one, united by a mutual hub that embracesthe values of Whistler culture, lifestyle and heritage.Watch the rest of the series – http:www.whistlerblackcomb.com/...
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"After more than 100 episodes, Salomon Freeski TV is back for its eighth season! Starting October 7th, 2014, twelve new films will be released bi-weekly. Follow the team on new adventures all over the world including Japan, France, Iceland, Italy, Canada and New Zealand." Music:'Byegone'by Volcano ChoirCourtesy of Third Side Music & Kobalt Publishing www.salomonfreeski.com
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Scot Schmidt is a legend in Freeskiing.He is the original pro freeskier and became a household name in skiing after the release of the 1987 ski film, 'Blizzard of Ahhhs'. Mike Douglas pays him a visit to see what he's been up to.
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We criss cross through the lives of Bobby Brown, Mark Abma & Seb Eaves in 24 Hours of Freeskiing. Music: 'The Return'byDansonn BeatsCourtesy of Dansonn Beats 'Come & Get It'byRapitfly BeatsCourtesy of Rapitfly Beats
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A look at the changing face of ski areas through the eyes of one of the world's leading ski resort designers.Music:'Meditate'bySizzlebirdCourtesy of Ot Birdwww.sizzlebird.com'Reve Asiatique'byJean-Pascal VielflaureSACEM'Fight or Die'byOnraCourtesy of All City Records
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Freeski icon Mike Douglas takes a ride on Whistler Mountain's new Harmony 6 Express, and takes us for a ride back through time to recount the history of the Harmony Zone and the legends that came before him.Watch more Wonder Reels Season 2 episodes:1. Season Teaser - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10HrTj...
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Launching the Whistler Museum's new exhibit "The Evolution of Skiing"
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It's no secret that Whistlerites are pretty fond of skiing, boarding, ski-boarding, and all sorts of related activities. So when the opportunity arose for the Whistler Museum to update our permanent exhibits, it was a no-brainer to focus on the act of sliding on snow. 
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A chairlift shared by a foursome of skiers and snowboarders on Blackcomb Mountain's new Crystal Ridge Express leads to a friendly wager for waffles at the Crystal Hut. We get treated to a romp through Crystal Zone while the last one to the bottom buys waffles back at the top. Whistler Blackcomb official opening day - November 28, 2013.
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As October's rains finally give way to November's storms, and the mountains reveal their first dustings of white, a palpable anticipation begins. Skiing and snowboarding's faithful start a ritualistic foreplay that culminates in the un-matched celebration of another opening day.
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Here's a sampling of our second season of chasing wonder. Get a taste of that elusive state that emerges when a spectacular place and a special moment collide. Be warned, you will be left wanting more, we aren't calling it a teaser for nothing.Whistler Blackcomb Official Opening Day - November 28, 2013.
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This the extended version of the Salomon Freeski TV Season 5 episode - Glacier Express. Until now it has only been seen at film festivals.The 'Good Times' crew rides again. This time Kaj Zackrisson and Mike Douglas ski Switzerland using only the train to get around. In a challenging season in the Alps, the boys do a pretty good job of finding a lot of good powder.
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Every summer, forest fires burn wildly across the temperate mountain regions of the world. As destructive as they are, they have a purpose and beauty that often goes unappreciated. As winter arrives in the burned forest, so do the skiers. They have come to celebrate new lines opened up by the previous summer's fires that have now burned themselves out -- or have they?
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The Peak to Peak is le piece de resistance of Whistler Blackcomb's ski lift infrastructure. It allows riders to cover absolutlely ludicrous amounts of ground in a single day on the two mountains. Here's Switchback Entertainment telling its story.
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Powder is a commodity. It's rareness is what makes it valuable. Those in the know, know, the moment must be embraced. And the powder stashes are the place.
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Andreas Fransson has been called the boldest extreme skier in a generation. Over the past 3 years he's logged first descents in a half-dozen countries, battled back to life from an accident that nearly killed him, and become the most talked about skier in the epicenter of all things extreme -- Chamonix, France.What makes Andreas most intriguing, however, are his thoughtful musings on meaning...
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Wonder. Is it a place or a state of mind?Are there places on the planet where wonder concentrates? Where it gathers, amasses, pools, comes in the night by the dumpload to bury yesterday's tracks? Or is it just a state of mind, a way of looking, a filter through which you see the world, wherever you may be?
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On March 8, 2004 aspiring freeskier and coach, Josh Dueck, awoke from a ski crash to realize life would never be the same. Paralyzed from the waist down, josh made a decision to make the best of a horrible situation. The result is one of the most inspiring stories we've ever seen.
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Last night a packed house at the Eric Harvie Theater in Banff AB Canada, gave a standing ovation when film makers Mike Douglas and Jeff Thomas and star Josh Dueck arrived on stage after their new short film Freedom Chair played.
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