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Authored by Ski Louise on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 12:28

Well it’s that time of year again. Mother Nature’s been toying with us over the last weeks but the crew at the Resort have been working their magic to get the mountain ready for another season.
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The Sherpas themselves are carved from the dramatic peaks of the Rocky Mountains, so it's no surprise that this project looks to be absolutely dripping with beauty and soul. They connected with a few of the area's new up-and-comers as well as well as revisiting some of the old haunts with Chris Rubens and Eric Hjorleifson, guys who grew up in the shadows of such incredible mountains.
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Don't put thiose skis and boards into storage just yet. You are going to need them to hit the slopes at Lake Louise for the funnest end of season bash in the rockies. This Friday and Saturday sees the return of the always amazing "Ruckus in the Rockies" hip jam event. There should be a pretty awesome vibe at the lake as they are expecting even more fresh snow to put the cherry on top of...
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Lake Louise has received over 20 cm in the last two days and a bit more snow is forcasted for the upcoming weekend when temperatures are set to rise into the single digit negatives. This should make for a great weekend skiing and riding in one of the best resorts the Canadian Rockies has to offer. 
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Lake Louise got a proper dump last night that saw over 20cm of fresh dry powder covering the mountain. This was just the thing Lake Louise needed to to fill in some of the blanks that made parts of the hill feel sparce.There was excellent coverage on Hikers Paradise when it was opened mid morning that could best be gauged by the hoots and hollers that were heard by almost everyone that made...
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Morning!After three days of snow, the Lake got hit with another 25 cm overnight on the lower slopes and up to 40 cms in the back bowls. And it’s still snowing! This brings the mid mountain base to over 95cm. With all lifts open its shaping up to be a great weekend at Lake Louise.
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Lake Louise Gondola
Authored by Lettusbee on Friday, November 22, 2013 - 10:32

Biglines here with another report from Lake Louise ski resort...Early season conditions just keep getting better with the recent dump in the mountains. The Grizzly Gondola, Summit and Top of the World lifts are now wide open to give you over 2400 vertical feet of snow sliding pleasure. Paradise Chair is set to open this Sunday.
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Biglines was lucky enough to attend opening day at Lake Louise Ski Resort for some great early season conditions. Who wouldn’t want to get out there and blow the rust off a long summer with a few laps on the “Wiwaxy 500?” Besides, it would give me a chance to try out Helly Hansen’s new H2 Flow jacket.
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Opening day is confirmed for Friday November 8, 2013! Enjoy 1,450ft of vertical from the Glacier Chair down Bald Eagle, Wiwaxy and Easy Street. Early season pricing will be in effect with 50% off regular season rates, plus a further discount for Louise Plus Card Holders.
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Check out this spring edit of me cruising on my skis and riding on some mountains. 
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“Skiing like a girl” never looked so good as it did this weekend at The Lake Louise Big Mountain Challenge. All the competitors: skiers, snowboarders, girls and guys alike, put on a good show. But it was the women’s ski category that people couldn’t stop talking about afterwards. Lauren Cameron styled her way right into third place: Photo: Chris Mosely Fall-line skiing, stomps with potential...
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January at the Lake Louise Ski Area, supplied some good times and good turns! 
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It's hard to keep track of all that is going on at the ski hill. Two large snowfalls within a week, new terrain and the Winterstart world cup. Rocket gives us the take from the Lake in traditional rocket style.
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Lake Louise, Alberta – The Lake Louise Ski Area is poised to be the first wide open major North American ski resort. With Ptarmigan Chair to open tomorrow morning (Wednesday, Nov. 21), and Larch Chair to open later in the day, guests will be able to enjoy all the fresh snow on all four legendary mountain faces.
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Thinking of starting the season with a lesson? This week's retro video shows how they taught lessons back in 1986.
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Its finally here! Opening Weekend. Check out all the fun from the first chair. Rocket announces Top of the World and summit openings this weekend.s
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Join us tomorrow as we roll out the white carpet. We've seen 29 cms fall this week alone and over 100 cms this year to date; it's shaping up to be a great season. Enjoy 1,450ft of vertical off Glacier Chairlift, with Bald Eagle, Wiwaxy and Easy Street open tomorrow. Tickets are 50% off regular season rates. A limited rail park (3 rails) will be open on Easy Street. Check Facebook, Twitter and...
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The only thing that makes skiing better is doing it with 1980's style. For this #ThrowbackThursday segment we watch a group from the retro years tear up some great lines down the four faces of louise.
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Lake Louise is making October look good.
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Today's clip we see pioneer free skier Wayne Wong, our previous ski school director, now local Post Hotel owner/manager Andre Schwartz. These two old friends show us how they shredded back in the 70's.The films date from 1976, 1979, 1986 and 1990 and cover all aspects of historic Lake Louise including fondues, vintage haircuts, 1970s discos, and various scenic and sometimes quirky shots from...
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The Lake Louise Ski Area is launching a season-long tribute to the ‘good old days’. This fall, as we celebrate our fifth year back in ‘old’ ownership, we’ve been thinking about our ski area’s long and rich history. Then, we made an exciting discovery. We found four 16mm film reels featuring the best of Lake Louise of yesterday buried deep in a storage room. “The footage is amazing, and we can’t...
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Salt Lake City, UT -  The International Freeskiers and Snowboard Association proudly announces the 2013 Junior Big Mountain Freeskiing and Snowboarding system along with event dates.  Following right off of last years scramble to create a system that can accommodate the amount of growth and demand junior freeskiing and snowboarding has seen the IFSA has listened to coaches, programs,...
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Curtis McLaughlin's Season Compilation for the 2011-2012 ski season.  Was only able to ski 11 Days this year due to a season plagued with injuries.  These are the few shots I was able to get throughout the season... Enjoy!
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