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Tim Eddy and Taylor Carlton take it to uncharted territories searching for new features while filming for Gone Wild. They use their mountaineering skills to stay safe, while pushing the limit of splitboarding. See how Tim and Taylor put their neck on the line during an extreme mission in Colorado. For more Gone Wild and other extra features head over to
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Eric Hjorleifson is taking Dynafit findings in a new, more aggressive direction. Here's a video that really drives that home.
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Nice hidden gully at Silver Star. check out for more info....
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It's not too often that you get 3 years to test and do a gear review for a product that is still being sold. But that's how long it's been since I got my Redpoint Optimus jacket from The North Face, and there's a reason that this is jacket is still in their line up: because it's an iconic best seller.
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