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We are:Adventurers and Film-makers, Exploring BC’s mountains and coastline Raising awarenessHaving an awesome time... ...thigh deep in powder. MUSIC: Atlantis OceanQUOTE: Alan Watts - Man in Nature Look us up...
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"Explore Collective" is exactly that - we are a collective of individuals exploring our environment and having fun, based in BC. We each contribute our unique talents to produce rad films simply about our adventures exploring mountains, coastline and the world. We are mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders, kayakers, sledders, photographers, editors, whale watchers, cougar dodgers... when we're...
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The Revy Freeride Fest was an awesome, grassroots series of events that happened in tandem with the FWT 2013. Basically, it was a celebration of the Freeride Culture in the area and the Festival's fearless leader, Izzy Lynch, threw some awesome parties, organized a flash mob of lady shredders and put together a kick-ass Photographer Showdown. The Showdown was held in Revelstoke's newly...
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With the first snow in the valley we figured we’d give you one last blast of summer before we fully commit to the changing season.
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As one of Burton's staff photographers, Adam Moran has access to the deepest talent pool in snowboarding. This slideshow gives you a sense of what he sees on a daily basis. Hang on until the latter half for the big mountain radness....
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What's it like taking photos of a big mountain hellman? This vid checks in with Tero Repo about his working relationship with Xavier De La Rue.
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Here are some photos I took while filming with Sherpas Cinema last season while they were filming ALL.I.CAN and The Balance of Powder.  We filmed at Island Lake Catskiing and Mica Heliskiing.  On the 3 visits to Island Lake it puked snow everytime, so we were stuck in the trees.  It was a bit frustrating to have 5 or 6 of the best skiers in the world and some amazine terrain just...
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Cool edit from by a Banff based photographer.
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