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These short little clips from Elias Elhardt are great for pumping up the jam. Check 'em out and you'll see what I mean....
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Authored by Peakz on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 10:30

From The Road is a story of a skier’s personal journey, seen through the lens of redemption and triumph. Delivered through the unique personal perspective of former professional ski guide Eric Henderson, the film is centered on a human powered ski adventure in Alaska with a diverse team of ski athletes on iconic peaks in the heart of the Chugach Mountains.
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Authored by TetonGravity on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 11:12

Enjoy the buttery style of TGR athlete Nick McNutt in this week’s Sony Mind’s Eye. McNutt burst onto the scene this year with one of the most talked about segments from TGR’s award winning film Almost Ablaze. He captivated the freeride community with uncanny ability to land switch in deep pow off huge features.
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Authored by Lettusbee on Monday, September 15, 2014 - 14:56

SASS Japan to include three 10-day mobile powder hunting sessions based on Hokkaido in the heart of Japanuary.
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In 2013 Nick McNutt entered TGR’s Co-Lab competition. Skiing out of his hometown of Whistler, British Columbia his smooth buttery style, switch landings, and easygoing persona caught the eyes of the TGR team. Although he would eventually fall short of winning the $100,000 grand prize, McNutt felt like the right addition to the TGR crew.
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Last fall, Jones traveled to Nepal for the largest descent of his life—a 21,400 foot peak that he dubbed the Shangri-La Spine Wall. His arrival at the foot of this peak coincided with the final weeks of Nepal’s monsoon season.
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Authored by bradd2 on Sunday, July 13, 2014 - 11:22

A liitle bit of off season cross training until the snow flies in Canada again.
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“When we add someone new to the team, it’s interesting to test it out and see how it works. Some people really excel and make the whole dynamic better, and Tanner did just that.” Sage had kind words for Tanner during the filmed of Re:Session, when Hall, already a legend, was getting more and more comfortable in the Alaska’s oversized terrain, and was becoming a solid addition to the TGR crew.
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These guys are digging deep to tell an amazing story. In their words, Snowman is "a feature-length documentary film about avalanche controller, Kevin Fogolin's, terrifying helicopter crash and how it changed his life.
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For big mountain skiers, Alaska serves as a source of inspiration and the ultimate proving ground. Crews of athletes and filmers head to the Last Frontier each year in search of steep lines and deep snow. This past winter, however, rumors circulated that many of the state’s mountain ranges were plagued with a shit storm of ice. Upon exploring the area surrounding Juneau, Ian McIntosh, Sage...
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For pros who ply their trade in front of cameras, much of their winter is based around chasing snow. And despite the shortage of snow that plagued much of North America this winter, a crew of athletes and filmers from TGR found plenty of powder during a recent trip to Revelstoke. TGR athletes Nick McNutt, Tim Durtschi, Dylan Hood, and Dane Tudor spent several weeks skiing the area’s legendary...
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I'm totally in summer mode so I hope its OK to post this on here. A spring solo ride after getting my bike back together out at McLean Creek near Calgary.
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For some, skiing is about escaping choices—and for others it is a means for embracing them. This winter, Teton Gravity Research athletes and filmers headed to Sella Nevea, Italy to film for the company’s latest project, Almost Ablaze. Thanks to a storm that dumped over six meters of pow, the iconic ski resort found itself enjoying the most snow in one hundred years.
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Fortunately for Ian McIntosh, Canada's health insurance system still insures for folks with pre-existing conditions, like having a few screws loose upstairs. You're not supposed to be able to ski La Grave—a place infamous for pants-shitting steeps and deadly exposure—at the speeds Mac and Johnny Collinson do in this episode of Sony Mind's Eye, so maybe socialized medicine is playing a part in...
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For a few years, Marco Salgado has been preaching the gospel of Sella Nevea. When not logging footage for Teton Gravity Research in Jackson, Wyoming, he spends his time shredding in Italy. This winter, a crew from TGR joined him in Sella Nevea—and luckily, the legendary ski resort was enjoying the most snow it had seen in one hundred years.
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Not every day in the backcountry is filled with intensity. In this episode of Almost Live, Nick McNutt and Tim Durtschi session a kicker in the backcountry south of Jackson, Wyoming.  And although they spend ample time throwing down tricks, they spend just as much time roaming around in the middle of nowhere and having fun.
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Enjoying the snow this week in Taynton.
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Conditions have been great up top all week. It's not spring yet...
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First edit with my new Gopro 3+ shot over 2 days in the Elk Valley during a sweet high pressure system ! Feb 24 and 25 2014. Brad Dean....
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"Organizers have confirmed the Swatch Freeride World Tour by The North Face at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort will take place Wednesday, March 5, 2014. After a large snow slide on North Baldy delayed the competition previously scheduled for Sunday, Silver Fox has been named the new competition venue. Silver Fox has served as a venue for many past freeride competitions at the Resort. Forecasts...
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Greg Hill is at it again, chasing another ludicrous benchmark that only he could dream of accomplishing. We've seen what we can do in a single day. We've seen what he can do over an enitire year. But what about a single month? By the end of March, we'll know.
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Never seen that much snow on Skyline/Roller. Wednesday was amazing. 2 hours sleep, an 8 hour shift, and a four hour wait for Taynton later. Thursday was amazing.  Six laps on Friday hitting regular spots before long weekend. Gonna be a great weekend jumping off sh*t.  
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Before Cameron Hunter's slideshow started rolling at the Deep Winter Photo Challenge, he told the audience that he and his crew shot almost exclusively on Blackcomb. I know the terrain looks a bit different this year, but most of these shots look like Whistler to me. Not that it matters, because he had a solid crew of shredders (mostly snowboarders) to make those not-so-deep conditions look as...
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Possibly an above average season so far at Pano,  people may forget how spoiled we have been over the past three years.  Same garbage snowpack for slack, so close to the Rocky Mountain Trench.  High winds hit hard monday, all kinds of damage, a 3.5 was also observed tuesday past the resort and had taken out a section of Toby Creek Road.
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