This is the place to put vids about a specific athlete (usually a pro or sponsored skier/boarder)
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Tim Eddy and Taylor Carlton take it to uncharted territories searching for new features while filming for Gone Wild. They use their mountaineering skills to stay safe, while pushing the limit of splitboarding. See how Tim and Taylor put their neck on the line during an extreme mission in Colorado. For more Gone Wild and other extra features head over to
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Its finally here! Opening Weekend. Check out all the fun from the first chair. Rocket announces Top of the World and summit openings this weekend.s
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Patagonia ski ambassador Carston Oliver spends nearly as much time in the air as he does on the snow. Look for more of Carston in Sweetgrass Productions upcoming film Valhalla, out in fall 2013.
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Nice. We just found this edit from the Whistler backcountry and were hyped on the legitimate freeriding contained within. Nice work Bauer brothers. Get some.
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This is in memory of CR Johnson.
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When I met Christina Lustenberger 10 years ago we were standing at the bottom of a race course, shivering in downhill suits and looking at our times. It wasn’t uncommon for Lusti to hold the lead by a healthy margin, heck it wasn’t uncommon for her to beat all the boys.
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Brody Leven backcountry skiing in the deepest of deep Sierra powder. Enjoying the liftless Lake Tahoe mountains.
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A fun video by Zoya Lynch capturing the fun of Girls Day Out.
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In Feb 2010, we spent 5 days with Leah Evans. Conditions were pretty sketchy so we had to keep it pretty mellow, but we still found good snow and had fun.
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2 days of epicness in Feb. Good friends in Great places!
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The southern Interior has been hit hard this week with beautiful fluff. Check out Ross Janzen's POV from yesterday at Whitewater near Nelson BC.
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Nice day sled skiing up in the monashees. Super windy the night before but the north facing lines stayed fast and creamy.
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Authored by stainer on Monday, February 14, 2011 - 17:49

I went skiing at TLH for two and a half days with Ryan Oakden and WASA. We got some Fantastic weather and we're fortunate enough to play amongst some of the largest terrain that TLH has to offer (the gods). Making over 10 runs each day we logged a lot of vertical, skied some diverse terrain, saw some stunning views, and had the times of our lives. Here's a video documentation.
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Here's yet another Ave Perry edit from Golden BC that we can't ignore. He may listen to funny music but there's nothing funny about how hard he shreds.
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Here's a sweet GoPro cam compilation from Ryan Oakden. He's a ruler on the mountain and this vid proves it.
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This is a mega 9+ minute edit from Kyler Cooley and Dylan Natale, with good editing and music and some pretty hot skiing. Most of us on Biglines could have done with out the beacon search part, but all in all, this is a good vid.
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Not the best angle but check out Wiley Miller's Red Bull Linecatcher run from his POV camera. The nose-butter 7 at the bottom got him best trick.
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Here's a Craig Kelly tribute from Youtube. CK died on Jan. 20 2003 in an avalanche in Revelstoke.
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There were a couple of real bangers I wanted to include, then the freezing level shot up to 2000m. They'll have to wait...
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Jordan Manley, my brother Daryl and I made our annual pilgrimage to Monashee Powder Snowcats for some grade A skiing and shooting.  

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Here's a peak into a few moments of Greg Hill's 2 million vertical celebration day, on Dec 31, 2010, at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.
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Telemark athlete Danny Walton enjoying some Sun Valley powder.  Follow cam by Zach Crist.
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Here's a sweet video by FD productions about Greg Hill's quest and what people think about it. It's a major journey that's coming to an end in less than 2 weeks, one way or another.
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Storms have pounded the Tahoe area over the last month. ipping some pow turns at Kirkwood and stomping bacl flips on my new Night Trains from MOMENT SKIS...
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