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A ski film based in Nelson, BC Canada that asks the question: what is style? Style is essentially self expression...but what does that mean and why is it significant?
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"Inspired by one small, pixelated photo of an unknown peak in Greenland, Lucas Debari made it his mission to plan the perfect expedition to this unidentified glacier.
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Here's a trailer for a rad movie from across the pond. You can rent or buy it at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/trialerror But in the meantime, watch the trailer and get stoked on those dropping temperatures...
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Follow the stories of Whistler locals as they pursue their passions, explore their crafts, and feed off the energy of mountain culture in the Beyond Series, a documentary presented by Whistler Blackcomb. Skiers Eric Hjorleifson and Jen Ashton, snowboarder David Carrier Porcheron, filmmaker Mike Douglas and photographer David McColm open up their worlds and expose what drives them to discover new...
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If their movies are the same quality as their skis, we should all be in for a real treat. DPS has gone beyond the realm of hard goods with the creation of their new studio, DPS Cinematic. And their new teaser for The Shadow Campaign is showing some serious promise. Keep an eye out for a series of webisodes dropping over the course of the fall and winter! 
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"After more than 100 episodes, Salomon Freeski TV is back for its eighth season! Starting October 7th, 2014, twelve new films will be released bi-weekly. Follow the team on new adventures all over the world including Japan, France, Iceland, Italy, Canada and New Zealand." Music:'Byegone'by Volcano ChoirCourtesy of Third Side Music & Kobalt Publishing www.salomonfreeski.com
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Dang! This looks like our kind of movie.
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This is snowboard history in the making. Jones and his crew have really taken things to the next level with this one. Check the latest teaser here. 
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As far as we can tell, these guys are the current kings of snowboard porn. Enjoy....
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Level 1 has a knack for showcasing the most progressive skiing going these days. Their new trailer stays true to that trend.....Check it!
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Here's the Extended trailer MSP's two year project, Days of my Youth. Full Festure's dropping this fall.
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"Grab your skiis and head over to http://win.gs/MqRAii for more from the movie!In the latest Sneak Peek from Red Bull Media House and MSP Films'epic Fall 2014 release DAYS OF MY YOUTH, follow Richard Permin into the MSP Studio, and watch some of his 2013 footage with him. See him straight-line Alaskan mountains, huck himself off giant cliffs, and take the sport to a new level. Stay tuned for the...
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"The Orage Masters 9 moves from the safe confines of resort terrain parks to the famed and glorious backcountry of Retallack Lodge to continue its mischievous reign of terror in the mountains. The anti comp lives." -From Orage
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The FWT is coming back to Canada, baby. The waiting period for the Revelstoke Event starts on Monday, March 10th and the weather forecast is looking super promising with a few days of snow followed by glorious sunshine. It's been a tough year for the FWT, with weird weather plaguing almost every event that's happened so far. Venues have been changed, dates have been pushed back and everyone...
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Très Bonne Équipe! is the story of freeskiings unique duo - Kaj Zackrisson and Sverre Liliequist. Skiing brought them together, creating a friendship that has lasted for over 20 years. It has carried them from their roots as alpine racers into the world of freeskiing superstardom.
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Check out more of the movie: http://win.gs/1e3z64aIn the latest sneak peek from Red Bull Media House and MSP Films' epic Fall 2014 release, DAYS OF MY YOUTH, Big Mountain skier Cody Townsend is doing what he does best: skiing huge lines and getting big air. Come hang out with Cody as he hits every pillow in front of him, and shows us all that work can also be play. Stay tuned for the next Sneak...
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SUPER PROOF builds the intrigue with another cryptic teaser. We're still not too sure what's happening with this project, but it seems to have a lot to do with Sean Petit. Check the teaser and see if you can figure out more than we can.
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Xavier de Le Rue and Sam Anthamatten are known for bringing speed and fluidity into the big mountain environment. Following Mission Antarctic, Mission Steeps is the second chapter of the Mission Series.Follow some of the most progressive riders on their way to re define steeps riding on breathtaking terrain and challenging conditions.Mission Steeps is not only a quest to the most radical...
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What is Snowboarding? A sport? A lifestyle? An art form? It's a simple question with an almost infinite number of answers... This is a trailer for a feature length documentary film I've been working on in my free time with virtually no funding. I'm hoping to garner interest in the project with this trailer and use it to raise funding to complete the feature length film.
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Mountain Hardwear proudly presents "Days of My Youth", a new film from Red Bull Media House and MSP Films. This movie will take a look into the lives of skiers everywhere, offering a peek into the journey of self-discovery that every skier experiences.
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The Swatch Skiers Cup is back for a fourth year in a row in Zermatt, Switzerland from January, 4 to January, 10 2014.
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Here's the trailer for an all-girl ski video coming from Austria's Sandra Lahnsteiner, who both produces and skis in the film. The movie looks to have a little bit of everything, but it's the big mountain lines that really got our attention. These girls are absolutely shredding!
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Everything that got filmed in Austria last year looks amazing, and this Big Mountain selection from Matthias Haunholder and Matthias Mayr is no exception.
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Compass is a three part series that captures the full spectrum experience of ski trips to three beautiful countries: Russia, Italy, and Japan. The contrasting culture, mountain shape, terrain, snow quality, food, language, music, pace of life and architecture all play into what it feels like to ski and travel abroad. For Nimbus, the series is a further departure from a mass appeal approach to...
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