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In this episode Joey talks about what he loves, split boarding in the alpine.
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Here's another sick episode of Balance, featuring Joey Vosburgh. Basically, a man's gotta pay the bills and Joey talks about the trade that allows him snowboard as freely as he does. It's a cool story, and there's lotsa footage of Joey weaving through the trees and pillows around his hometown of Revelstoke, BC.
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There's something about watching Joey V. ride a snowboard through perfect pow that takes you back to the deepest days you've ever had. In this episode of Balance, he talks about why he's always done things for himself. Nice edit, thoughtful quotes and the most stylish pow slashes in the biz. Check it!
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As a nine part web series Balance will share the stories of three individuals who live there lives in very different ways. The characters will not be professional athletes but rather working class heros; people who don’t earn a living from their sport but still understand the importance of extracurricular activity. These are the people who work to make time for the things they love rather than...

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