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Here's some old footage that was knocking around.   Check out for more recent stuff...
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I bring to you some imagery from the past two months of my winter in and around Revelstoke.  This short video includes some alpine vista timelapses, filming with Selkirk Tangiers, some peaks (including an overnight trip to Ghost Peak), a shot of Greg Hill rappelling into STS (Rogers Pass) on a run we deemed the STS Connector, and a 10m+ backflip  caught on my backpack mounted GoPro 3...
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Days like this have become the norm this season. This is a 3:30 GoPro compilation documenting a fun pow day with friends.

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A short video about a great week at Lyngen Lodge in Northern Norway, May 2010.
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In Feb 2010, we spent 5 days with Leah Evans. Conditions were pretty sketchy so we had to keep it pretty mellow, but we still found good snow and had fun.
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Should I keep going to the Stoke chair or should I commit to the Ripper chair? That is the question on a powder day @Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Things looked pretty fine below the traversing cat track to the Stoke and we weren't disappointed. 3 laps on the Ripper chair were fun and brought smiles to our faces.
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Here's a peak into a few moments of Greg Hill's 2 million vertical celebration day, on Dec 31, 2010, at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.
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Island Lake for 2 more days,I never want you to go away.Your glades, your guides, your food,they put me in a happy mood. Sharing a cat with stoked Hawaiianslearning new stuff and talking big lines.The options here are very broad,Now please dear Griz, can you blow your wad. tonight that is.

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This video is about a trip to the Stewart/ Hyder area with Dave and Daryl Treadway
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