Lyngen Descents


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The Lyngen Alps is a jagged mountain range located on a half island on the northern Norwegian coastline. It’s a magic place for ski touring in the early spring when the days are long and the snow conditions normally are good. Skiers Andreas Fransson and Morgan Salén together with filmmaker Bjarne Salén explored the Lyngen Mountains during three weeks in April 2012. During this time they made six...
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It would seem that when Andreas Fransson sets out for two weeks of ski touring in the Lygen Alps in Norway, he and his shred partner Morgan Salen do it differently than most skiers. What they calls "ski-touring" is in fact completely "anus-puckering, full-blown ski mountaineering". Of course, such gnarliness yields epic results, and you can check out their lines in this stylish little edit from...
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