Roner Vision by Erik Roner


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Erik Roner keeps things lighthearted & fun, so fun you might not even notice he's effing flying in this episode—like fy-ing! It all begins at home in Tahoe where Erik preps for his upcoming wingsuit trip to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland in the most unusual way.
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Gotta love the pro shredders who double up as comedians. Erik Roner doesn't dissapoint with his latest episode of Roner vision. Sick lines, hospital visits and some epic parenting make this one a winner...
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Erik Roner is back with a new episode of Roner Vision. Follow your favorite Nitro Circus-accredited big mountain skier and sky diving BASE jumper as he heads to Haines, Alaska, to shoot for the new Teton Gravity Research movie with Seth Morrison. Meanwhile, back in Lake Tahoe, Oskar Roner gets up to what Oskar always gets up to ...
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Start off 2012 with Erik at the AMA Anaheim Supercross, the Zumiez 100K event in Keystone Colorado and some riding in interior British Columbia. Helicopters, snowcats, avalanches and the Powder Magazine video awards are all part of the adventure. Oh ya...don't miss his son Oskar's first BASE jump at 16 months old!
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Well, Old Man winter sure has taken his sweet time getting here. So, Erik has assumed the nomadic tradition that all skiers follow in search of excitement. His travels lead him up to Whistler, Tahoe, Sun Valley, the Nitro City Olympics in Panama and Utah. While giving tips on things every skier should know.
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Erik Roner keeps us laughing with his first edit of the winter 2011/12 season. He's an excellent father.
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Roner drops another funny one.
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This is a not-skiing-related post of big mountain skier Erik Roner's US Open (surf) trip. It's funny, so we're putting it up on the front page. Thanks for the chuckle this morning Roner, thought you were going to lock yourself in that freezer and come out all blue...
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