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Bangers! Check the Timeline Action Reel and find yourself wishing you were back in the icy clutches of winter. As usual, Xavier's crushing it and so are a few of his friends.
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Gnarly crash and bad luck turned these past weeks into a rough period for Xavier. Competitions and filming sessions didn’t go as expected. Nevertheless, Xavier sent it during the X-treme Verbier, and finished with a nice line and a victory run at the mother of all freeride contests.
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Have you ever dreamed of a place where a chairlift would bring you to the top of untracked couloirs? Xavier de le Rue heads to this magical spot with a fresh 40cm dump of snow. Together with local rider Giulia Monego, he discovers the potential of one of the most beautiful mountain of the alps: Le Dolomiti, in North Italy. The crew managed to come back from this 2 day mission with some of the...
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You got to take risks to reach the next level, find new kind of spots, play with the terrain and use your creativity. Xavier de le Rue doesn’t see the mountain like you and me. Without a decent snowfall in weeks, Xavier kept himself busy anyway this past month in the Alps. The crew found and filmed spots that should make it in Standard Films TB 20 and next VideoGrass movie. In these conditions...
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Another cool edit from Xavier de le Rue, Tero Repo and Guido Perrini. Worth watching for the sunrise timelapse near the end alone. Props to the dedicated cameraman.
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Early season is often hard to find good freeride terrain, especially when planned in the summer, so the team heads to British Columbia, Canada, on a camping mission to find untracked powder fields and get the legs in the shape split boarding.
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As the boys prepare for the first trip and camping mission of the winter in Canada, they look back on the first trip they all took together in Greenland. From the amazing snow and people as well as breath taking landscapes, Greenland remains one of the ultimate riding destinations. They discovered this incredible destination as part of the crew for the 'Lives of the Artists' documentary for...
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Discover that big double cliff seen in The Storming with an helmet cam angle. Xavier de le Rue, along with Tero Repo and Guido Perrini look back at some of last seasons best lines, as well as looking at new possibilities and angles for this season. In this first episode you get to discover the service gondola they used to shoot many of the couloirs which ended up in Standard Films movie. Go...
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