north face temple-next line West of dolphin


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Hi all, wondering who knows the ski history of this line on the right of this photo, starting about 100m lookers right of the dolphin on templ's north face..?  it goes nice and clean with 2 exits. also interested in ski history of all the other lines on face.  The sphinx by trevor Peterson must have been the most recenmt first descent on the face?  vImagine that makes every line now skiied/snowboarded?

love to hear from you on this, ruari dot macfarlane at or

the lower section of the right hand couloir...I chose the lookers right exit as it offered a longer run in the couloir... was sweet, an incredible maze of high walled corners and steep pow, that could be ridden fast through semi-unknown country.  There is an awkward, moderate sized exit drop though.

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pretty sure that Doug Ward

pretty sure that Doug Ward skied that first.