TR: Skiumah Creek, Flathead, Montana USA


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So, my buddy needed a ride to the Kalispell Airport in Montana USA.  So figured I should bring my skis and my buddy henry down to try to find something to ski to make the trip worthwhile.  Talked to a few folks about where to go, but nothing sounded too great.  So we figured we would do the old "drive around and try to find something that looks good to ski."  When we were just about to give up we caught a glimpse of a sweet peak from the side of Highway 2 just past West Glacier, south of Glacier National Park.

Just as we were contemplating if we should attempt the approach a subaru of local tourer's shows up.  Turns out there is actually a skin track put in to where we want to go, and it has a name.  Skiumah creek. Its on!

Before the skin track starts there is a mandatory straight up, bootpack bushwhack.  My kind of style!  Then as we make our way up into the hanging valley the zone starts to appear.  It is sick!

So we are sitting here scoping lines and 2 guys drop in from the top.  We hang out to watch them ski some sick fresh lines.  Turns out these guys started there day at 6AM from the valley next to this one.  Stoked to find some more hard core ski tourers out enjoying this zone!

The views are starting to pop up now too.  Great views into Glacier National Park:

So we start heading up to ski the zone.  As we move in farther we find that this zone is huge!  It opens up into another sick zone.  We definitley have to come back to check out more lines up here!

The shots above is the approach we took up.  Straight up the chute to the saddle. Bootpack for the final summit.  When we got to the top it was time for an american sized lunch.  


There is a video with a panorama that I am going to try to post up at a later date...  We skied the face that you see in the first shot.  It was gnarly and sick.  Pretty successful mission for not having a clue where to go.  Now we do know where to go, and we definitely have to come back!


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nice one!

Great trip buddy! Hoping to make it back that way soon for some backcountry adventures!